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Best PC Speakers

To be totally immersed into your gaming world you need several features that you personal computer should have. One of them is the surround sound speakers that can improve your gaming experience to a level that you believe is acceptable.

If you are considering the grand purchasing of some decent gaming speakers then you should seriously take into consideration the following characteristics.

Surround sound is an option that can not be ignored. A 5.1 surround sound system provides you with 5 speakers and a sub woofer that will take you to a whole new level of gaming. If you position these speakers correctly you will fell exactly like you are in the game and you will be surrounded by sounds and vibrations that will take you right in the middle of the action.

An amplifier option will help the sounds released by your speaker take a new measure. Most sound cards do not have this option included so you will have to purchase a system that has an amplifier included in the base construction. The amplification is gaged in watts per channel RMS which means root mean square and it will determine directly the power of amplification. The higher watts per RMS count, the better.

Another very important aspect to keep in consideration when buying a surround sound system is THD. THD means total harmonic distortion of the amplifier and they can offer a 1 or 2% increase in sound quality. Again the same principle applies and that is… the higher, the better.

If you are looking for the best gaming experience that you could have than one of the most important components you could add to your personal computer is a good surround sound system.

Best Computer Speakers Today

The best computer speakers are those that provide the sound quality and amplification you need at a price you can afford. The most common types of computer speakers are 2.1 and 5.1. Speakers with 2.1 sound have two audio channels through a left and right speaker on both sides of the monitor as well as a subwoofer. Those with 5.1 sound come with five audio channels and a subwoofer. For standard computer use 2.1 speakers are adequate with prices ranging from $20 to $90. However, if you intend to use your speakers to watch movies or play games, 5.1 speakers are recommended with prices ranging from $40 to $200.

2.1 speakers are more than adequate for most people. If you are on a budget, Altec Lansing’s VS2321 is one of the best computer speakers at an average price of $40. For those that want the best quality sound a 2.1 can offer, the Logitech Z-2300 is recommended by CNET. It sells for around $90 and its sound has been described as loud, clear and crisp.

Logitech has a range of computer speakers which are ideal for serious gamers. For example, the Logitech X-540 is affordable and has great sound. It is a versatile 5.1 surround speaker system which you can connect to your computer, gaming consoles, television, ipods, or mp3 players. It is popular with gamers and also with people who listen to music on their P.C. It comes with five speakers and a subwoofer and prices commonly range from $67 to $116.

The Logitech G51 5.1 surround sound speakers also have five speakers and a subwoofer but they pack a bit more punch when it comes to sound. It has received good reviews for gaming and movies but some users find the sound quality insufficient for music. Prices range from $132 to $210.

In PC World, Labriola reviews the Logitech Z-5500 and describes it as the “ultimate 5.1-channel speaker system,” giving it four out of five stars. His only criticism is of its default bass settings. These speakers sell for around $220 which some reviewers criticize as being too high. However, Labriola is not alone in considering the Z-5500 one of the best computer speakers on the market, so the price may be well worth it.

Bose Companion III has two speakers and a sub-woofer. For gaming and to watch movies the price is on the high side, however if you also want to play music on your computer, the sound quality of this product is superior. The average price is $250.

For decent 5.1 sound on a budget the Altec Lansing VS3251 at $40 on average, is one of the best computer speakers available.

Before choosing your computer speakers, take the time to think through the ways in which you intend to use them. Are you going to need a good all round speaker with which to enjoy listening to music? Do you intend to watch DVDs on your computer or watch online videos? What about gaming? Or do you want to just have good audio for conversations over the internet? Your budget and the ways in which you want to use your speakers should govern your purchasing decision. Otherwise, you will quickly need to upgrade to get the best computer speakers for your needs.

Sifting Through The Best Gaming Headsets

There are no less than millions of video game players online today, and many of them are not just playing console games, they are spending a lot of time on a variety of different platforms, including personal computers and more. If you’re sifting through a variety of different options in terms of the best gaming headsets, there are going to be some that rise to the crop and some that fall below the baseline of what you need to be successful in any gaming platform today. When you’re shopping around, consider the following 3 things as a small checklist to ensure you’re getting the absolute best performance for your gaming habits.

· Comfort – This is going to be something that many online gaming fans will agree with, and that’s comfort. Without proper comfort you won’t be able to last very long when it comes to playing against rivals. In fact, you will most likely be messing with your headset so much, that you will forget that you’re even playing a game. If this is something that you’re going to want to use on a regular basis, you have better consider the comfort level of the headgear you purchase. An adjustable strap is one way of ensuring a proper fit.

· Noise Cancellation – This is going to be an interesting idea, especially when you are playing a game that requires you to hear footsteps or other light sounds within a game. If you’re playing a first person shooter, or something along those lines, you are going to be thrilled with the sound quality of having a noise cancellation option. The sound design in a video game in these modern times usually outshines anything you have probably heard in the past, which means you will want to narrow down the list of the best gaming headsets, to just a couple of options to get proper sound in your ears.

· Wireless – There are a lot of great things that have come through in the innovative world of video games, and one of them is wireless technology. Look for a wireless option to get you moving throughout your domain, and if you need to stand, stand, walk, and get your best foot forward. You won’t be able to win if you can’t move, so make sure you get free of wires.

When you go online or to a retailer and you sift through the best gaming headsets, you’re going to find that there are a lot of options. The amount of options available is insane; there are just too many choices in these modern times. Make sure that you look for the above 3 things in any quality option, and don’t be hasty, take your time. If the aforementioned 3 things line up, and you are happy with the overall fit, and sound quality, get that option. Don’t rely heavily on any other option, make sure that you have a choice that fits your needs square, and avoid going with just the popular choice. When in doubt, try several, then make your final choice.

The Best Gaming Headset

When you have the advantage of the best gaming headset on your side, you can enjoy games like never before. Or if you have a competitive streak, it can be the thing you need to put yourself over everyone else who is connected to your network. A good gaming headset will allow you to hear every detail of your chosen game in addition to communicating with your teammates at the same time. It makes everything more real in a realm that exists in fantasy while transporting you to that magic place in between. You might have to shell out a bit of money to find the best product out there, but it is usually worth it in the end. For all intents and purposes, the Sennheiser PC 350 is one of the best gaming headsets out there and this article will detail why.

If you are going to spend money on a high-priced item designed entirely for entertainment purposes, then you want to make sure that make a wise choice. There are cheaper options out there but the advantage of a Sennheiser PC 350 is you know the company brand is trusted and there have already been a slew of positive reviews. Word-of-mouth is extremely important in this business and almost no company excels more in this area than Sennheiser. They don’t make cheap products that are flimsy or will fall apart on you whether we’re talking about headphones for TV or a gaming headset.

This product delivers quality sound that you can adjust to your own personal preferences. That means you will have the advantage of being able to focus on what is truly important in terms of your own gaming experience. It will filter out all of the things you don’t need to hear and allow you to concentrate on the essentials. Online communication with other players and teammates is extremely clear and you will certainly have an advantage in this department. And let’s not forget the fact that you can use this set of headphones for other purposes besides gaming, so you effectively get more value for your money right there.

This gaming headset is extremely comfortable and you won’t even notice wearing it for long sessions. That comes in extremely important when you are engaged in an important quest or you are looking to level your most powerful role-playing character. There are other headsets out there that don’t offer this level of comfort and they definitely interfere with the overall gaming experience.


Find the Best Gaming Laptop

It can be very difficult to find the best gaming laptop. Many times, it can even push someone to the point of becoming frustrated. Technology advances so fast, it can aggravate consumers. This can happen because someone can buy the best laptop money can buy, then just a few weeks later, that product can seem outdated and in need of replacement. While it can be frustrating to get a brand new laptop that is the best, then it be outdated just a few weeks later, it is important to not let this get in the way. A great laptop can be used for years of gaming.

Another thing to be careful of is listening to the hype of the media. If a company puts enough money into a product, then that name will be heard from a lot. That does not mean that this particular product is worth of a purchase. No matter how much positive press you hear about a laptop, it is important to do a thorough investigation of the product before deciding if you want to purchase it or not.

There are some things that people overlook, because they must be important in all laptops, such as having a strong battery. It is important to not get caught up in the specifics and to realize that all facts of a laptop much be of high quality, in order to find the best gaming laptop. If you have a laptop that burns through the battery in a matter of a few days, then obviously that will be a terrible gaming laptop. Do not overlook stuff like this when looking for a laptop computer to play video games on.

Also, it is important to get a laptop with very capable wireless technology. Remember, many games are played online, so a user needs to be able to get a strong wireless connection on the go, so they can play the games online with friends or in multi-player mode. For many people, they play video games online at all times. Multi-player mode is a very popular way for many people to play. For some people, it is the only way to play.

These are just some of the ways to find the best gaming laptop. If someone is experienced playing video games on a laptop, then it shouldn’t be too hard to determine exactly what a great gaming laptop computer consists of. Good luck in your search for an awesome gaming laptop!

Best Gaming Laptops Buying Guide

Gamers need to shift to a different perspective of buying when shopping for the best gaming laptops. The process requires careful study and assessment on a few features that can make a lot of differences in usage and enjoyment.

While there are many aspects of the laptop that still need to be checked before pushing the buy button, there are three critical areas for consideration that must never be missed if you are looking for the best laptop that suits your gaming needs.

Three key areas of consideration when buying laptops for gamers:

  • Speed
  • Graphics
  • Sound Quality

When it comes to speed, this can be evaluated by checking the processor and the DDR RAM space. Standard games can run smoothly under the older dual core processors. But the recommended processors for new generation games are Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7.

With these processors onboard, you are better assured that you will never have to upgrade your laptop to run highly-demanding games that are still in the pipeline today and soon to be launched within the next two years or so.

But the processor alone is not enough to provide lightning speed. This has to be in tandem with the DDR RAM space. It’s no point having an Intel Core i7 processor but you only have 2GB of RAM; this will only limit the full potential of the state-of-the-art processor.

For games, the recommended DDR RAM space is at least 4GB for basic and simple games. But if you’re preferred games are action-packed games like the Gears of War that are relatively demanding in specs, then you will have to invest higher on high-end specs by opting for laptops with at higher DDR RAM. Better yet, go for laptops with 8 GB up to a whooping 16GB RAM space and you are assured that your laptop is too powerful to run even the most advanced games not only today but also in the next few months.

Another crucial aspect is the graphics card. There are currently three major brands that dominate the graphics card industry, and they are the AMD Radeon, Intel Graphics 4000, and the Nvidea GeForce. These three brands are top quality brands that provide reliable products. But just like the processor, their power is greatly influenced by the available RAM space.

Traditional video cards have only about 512MB of RAM. While this may be sufficient to run simple games, more demanding video games normally require larger video card memory of at least 1.5GB. Better yet, go for gaming laptops with 2 to 3 GB of video card DDR RAM space.

Other important components to look for when buying laptops today are as follows:

  • Hard disk memory – at least 500GB
  • Internet wireless connectively
  • Screen resolution and screen type – ideally LED
  • Sound system
  • Battery life
  • Price

By properly considering the above features, your choices are further narrowed down to fewer best gaming laptops exactly that meet your criteria. From there, you can then choose according to your desired design and functionality, as well as the brand of your choice.

Best Gaming Mouse You Can Buy

If you are still using a standard 2 button mouse to play your games, you are years behind my friend, and you need to upgrade to a real deal mouse for a real gamer. Here are my top 5 choices for the mouse you should be using.

Logitech MX 518

#1. The Logitech MX 518 High Performance Optical (Metal)

The Logitech MX 518 is probably the best gaming mouse, and best priced mouse available on the market. I upgraded from the Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse to this bad boy and haven’t regretted it since. This mouse has everything you need and more to maximize your gaming experience.

#2. The Microsoft SideWinder

The next mouse I recommend is the Microsoft SideWinder. This mouse takes a new look than the standard mouse and delivers an exceptional gaming experience to anyone who buys this mouse. It has several buttons to get the hotkey process in games handled easily and the mouse design is solid and professional. Not to mention you can surprise your friends with this unique looking mouse as well.

#3. Logitech G5 Laser (Blue or Black Available)

This mouse was my favorite for years until the newer Mx 518 came out. The G5 served me well in my last few years of gaming. It features several customizable buttons, a quick DPI swap near the middle scroll, and what some people may overlook; a mesh style housing for your cord. Let me tell you, I got a lot of use out of this particular mouse and if it hadn’t been for the way they protected the cord, this mouse would have died a lot earlier than it did on me. This mouse served me well.

#4. SteelSeries Special-Edition World of Warcraft

I don’t personally have any experience with this mouse, but if I didn’t already have what I think is the best mouse, this would be my #4 choice. This mouse was designed specifically for World of Warcraft gamers.

#5. Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

The Logitech G9, last on my list, but not anything less than you’d expect from a quality Logitech product. This mouse offers exceptional style, precision, and a weight tuning system, similar to the G5, to provide you with a high quality gaming experience.

Well, there you have it. If you still haven’t upgraded from your puny 2 button optical mouse yet, do so today! These are all affordable and very effective solutions to getting you the right mouse for your game.

Best Gaming Mouse

Recently there are two kinds of games which are very hard on the mouse performance: the first are those games like STARCRAFT, WARCRAFT, and DIABLO and so on; the second are those first person shooting games like COUNTER-STRIKE and QUAKE 3.

In the pop STARCRAFT, WARCRAFT, and DIABLO games, both your mouse left and right buttons are clicked quite frequently, especially the left button, sometimes you need to click it several times within a second. Furthermore, you need to continually move the mouse. For these plays, you should buy a mouse both its left and right buttons with good sensibility, and in order to ensure your mouse the fast moving and accurately positioning capability, getting an optical mouse is cost-efficient. To choose an optical mouse, usually you don’t need to clean its inner part as you do for a normal scroll roller mouse, and it will avoid some ineffective mouse problems due to a mechanical failure caused by the long-term rolling. Moreover a “laser” mouse commonly can be up to 600 dpi or even higher, which makes you feel comfy in any RTS (Real Time Strategy) games.

As to the FPS (First Person Shooting) games such as COUNTER-STRIKE and QUAKE 3, they highly depend on the precision and the sensibility of a mouse. Besides, frequently you need to drag the mouse quickly in a very short time in these plays, so I recommend a scroll roller mouse. When the mouse is moving acutely, an optical mouse may be ineffective, which obvious symptom is that the cursor freezes on screen leading to errors in a game.

Tactile feedback

A good gaming mouse should have a nice hand feel at the same time. A favorable tactile feedback is the key in the game playing, and it is capable of increasing your working efficiency. People’s different palm sizes require different mouse shapes, and the mouse designs, the button elasticity as well as the mouse entire weight also would affect your hand feel.

Best gaming mouse

Based on the characteristics of ergonomics, precision, customization options and buttons and so on of a mouse, Logitech G9, Microsoft SideWinder, Logitech G5 Second Edition, Razer DeathAdder, Ideazon Reaper Edge and Razer Lachesis will be the best choices among so many brands and models. Most of these devices have a street price around $40-$80, though it is a little more expensive than other pointing devices, you are looking for the best gaming mouse, not the best deal.

Taking Care of Your Gaming Console

A gaming console is an important element for enjoying a game on your Wii or Xbox. However, since it is generally used most of the time, a gaming console can be damaged quite easily. If you give importance or value to your console – which may come at a really steep price, by the way – you will want to read on and find out about which elements or dangers can make your gaming console highly exposed to damage.


Like computers and laptops, consoles are equipped with fans. The main purpose of these fans is to help keep your console cool by “fanning” its internal working system. There may be times, however, when the fan may cause harm or danger to your game console. This is because the fan can gather dust and other harmful particles. If this happens, the game console may overheat or choke, until it eventually dies out.

Another factor that may cause overheating is the use of game console covers when the console is turned on. If you have a game console cover, use it only when the console is not turned on.

To prevent dust and other forms of pollution from accumulating on your console, make sure that you wipe the tray regularly. Most gaming consoles have manuals that indicate instructions about how they can be properly cleaned. Never attempt to open the console on your own, as this might mean more problems.


Overheating is a very common term, especially when you talk about cars. However, overheating is also highly possible when it comes to game consoles. One of the best examples for this is the original Xbox 360, which automatically stops working once it overheats. The best thing to do to avoid overheating is to make sure that your game console has good ventilation. Make sure that air can circulate around your console. Placing your game console in shaded and cool areas will help a lot. Avoid putting your console in areas where there is carpeting. Likewise, things should not be placed on the console top.

Like most machines and gadgets, when the console is not in use, turn it off so that it can cool down.


Power surges are irritating. They come in the most unexpected times and they can cause a lot of damage to your game console. Sometimes, these power surges can totally destroy your console.
The best way to avoid damage from power surges is to use a surge protector. Plug your console into your surge protector.

Aside from power surges, lightning storms can also damage your game console, and in a pretty much the same level as power surges. To avoid damage, make sure that you unplug your game console during a storm, especially when lightning strikes. Do the same also when there are power surges or power interruption.


One of the most common reasons for game console damage is human mistakes. Your game console is a prized possession, so you must treat it like one:

-Avoid using your console for absurd purposes like reheating a pizza (on the console top).
-Never place your console in the same area where you put your drinks.
-Do not let any unguarded child (or toddler) tinker with your game console.
-If you’re not in a good mood, make sure that your game console is as far from you as possible, so that you won’t get the chance to hit it with a baseball bat or throw your controller at it. You might say that this is a far-fetched idea; however, this can be true, especially for people who easily get into tantrums, or those who are easily angered.

There are also gaming consoles with user manuals that carry information on how to properly care for these important gaming items. Make sure that you read through and understand everything that is written there, so that you won’t have problems keeping them in mind.

The best way to keep your gaming console safe and free from damage is to care for it like your own baby or your own kid brother or sister. Another way is to keep in mind that without the game console, your Xbox, Wii, or your PS3 will be extremely useless.

If you keep these tips in mind, you and your console will have a wonderful relationship that will last for years. In addition, you will be assured many years of fun and exciting gameplay!

My Game Console Shot Me In The Foot

Video Games Are Winners

Gaming consoles have really increased in popularity in the past few years and the two gaming consoles that really dominate are the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 is the very high-end of the gaming spectrum and is the console that everyone wants to have. There are many things that are good about having a PlayStation 3. After all, you can watch Blue Ray movies, DVD movies and play PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 games. There is also more storage capacity which allows you to store music, movies and other entertainment files. With internet connectivity, both wireless and Ethernet connections, you can play games online with other game players from your lounge room and go shopping or browsing online.

There is an issue of some concern with the repair of these entertainment boxes – data security. A lot of sensitive data is now being stored on game consoles and we will look at this issue later. Every gaming console has its problems and the PlayStation 3 is no different. Just as the Xbox 360 has its R.R.O.D. problems, the PlayStation 3 has its own yellow light of death, or Y.L.O.D. When these faults occur the console no longer works and you have to either pay for repairs or get a new console. Despite the problems with video game consoles they are here to stay, people love them. It’s an industry that continues to grow, that is why video game creators are reaping the rewards with huge revenues from game software and console sales. The manufacturers and non manufacturers are reaping billions from the repair and maintenance of this entertainment technology. Recent surveys showed just how popular video games are. For example, 73% of people in the UK play video games and the British video game industry valued at around $50 billion and the worldwide the figures are staggering.

“Ouch, It’s Hot In There!”

Often games can freeze or the disc drive can have a problem. Heat is an issue with these game boxes. The components generate heat, which results in raising the temperature to above working limits. Because of the compact design of most gaming consoles, cooling the components has always been difficult. Major problems always come about when you have to send the console back for repair. It is not difficult to arrange a repair; however it can cost a lot of money. There is a limited warranty for the PS3 and at the end of the warranty period you will be paying if you have a failure. All repairs are costly and vary depending what country you are in.

Some Tips On How To Repair Video Game Consoles

There is growing support for home repairs to your console. This is a backlash caused by the cost and the delays in outsourcing repairs to manufacturers or specialist console repair agents. I am an advocate for repairing at home but, it’s easy for me I’m a technician with many years of experience. Repairing a console yourself is a good way to go but you must remember a couple of points before you attempt to fix a console at home. Here are my tips for home console repairs to make sure you do more good than harm.

1) You need a company or console support service that can give you a guide and should at least have videos on all aspects of the repairs.

2) Look for a support service that can at least give you access to a forum I prefer to find companies that also offer e-mail and phone support.

3) Before attempting skills like soldering, practice on an old dead computer mother board or something similar first.

4) Before you start even pulling out screws watch the videos and then follow them one step at a time.

5) Be organised have small trays or sealed bags to put screws in as you take them out same goes for any other parts.

6) Work in an uncluttered area have a clean dry desk and be sitting comfortably so that you can dismantle in an organised way.

What Is Hiding Inside Your Console?

The technology in gaming consoles is very high but there are no secrets to how they work and fixing them your self is just a matter of following instructions. If you get stuck, with a good support system in place, it’s no problem. Even if you are not technical but want to do your own repairs, there is nothing holding you back. The satisfaction rewards are tremendous among other benefits to repairing your PS3 console.

Today there is a lot more than just game information stored in your game console. If you’ve ever been online playing or shopping there will be

1) Credit card information

2) Personal details that include where and what you’ve shopped for

3) Your saved games.

4) Conversations you’ve had online.

Data Security Who Has It?

Repair companies overall have little or no secure systems for ensuring that your personal stuff has protection from theft by employees or anyone else for that matter. The manufacturers that repair the systems have very little security in place; they will often have disclaimers that relieve them of any responsibility for security of your data. Most have no screening process for detecting undesirable employees. If you intend to send your console to a repair service it is well worth investing in a repair manual to find out how to back up your data and remove the stuff that you don’t want the repair agent to have access to before sending it in.

Companies that repair game consoles should become more responsible with security of sensitive personal information stored on games entertainment boxes. There is just not enough accountability for the repairers. You should consider buying a guide to at least learn how to protect yourself against data theft. Get a guide to back up and secure your data for your make and model of console.