Avoid a Broken Xbox 360

Own an Xbox 360? If you do, then I’m quite sure you’re aware of all the hardware failure and malfunctions that come with it.

Please take a moment of your time to brief this article and discover a few tricks of the trade to keeping your Xbox 360 in awesome condition so it doesn’t end up broken.

To start off, well briefly go over 3 killer tips to keeping your Xbox 360 in tip top shape!

Tip #1: Never keep your Xbox 360 stored away somewhere air tight while using it like in a…
entertainment center or underneath the DVD player, in a stereo cabinet and so on, you always want to make sure your console gets enough air flow, it needs to breath just like you do, these machines aren’t close to being human yet, but you can guarantee that in the future, so for now, just make sure you console gets enough space to allow the right amount of air flow in. The reason for this is, all common Xbox 360 problems are derived from overheating!

Tip #2: You know that little black box, that has a cord attached to it and without it, your Xbox 360 just couldn’t run or work at all, I’m talking about the AC power supply, now remember this, that too has an electrical fan unit located on the inside of it, just like the Xbox 360 its self, this AC power supply block needs to always have a steady stream of fresh air coming in to keep it cool, so your console doesn’t overheat. What you can do, is just place it up somewhere high off the ground!

Tip#3: For some unknown reason, electronics are dust magnets, I mean it’s bad, if I didn’t clean my computer, stereo, Xbox 360, TV on a regular basis, it would be a pretty nasty mess. That’s why its recommended you regularly clean all the crap (dust balls) off the side of your Xbox 360, you can use a vacuum cleaner, air hose, whatever, just make sure you clean all the dust out of each and every single breather hole, so your Xbox 360 can take in the right amount of air circulation that needs, while you’re playing it!

I know these 3 killer tips won’t help you fix your Xbox 360 if it’s already broken, but this advice is solid and can sure as heck teach you how to prevent getting a broken Xbox 360, you can bet your bottom dollar on that.

Bonus Tip #4: Never play your Xbox 360 for more than 3-4hrs at a time, not only will this ensure you don’t turn into a vegetable or go blind, but will also prevent your Xbox 360 from ever overheating and since overheating is the main cause for all problems, you can stop it, in it’s tracks before the problems every happen.

If your Xbox 360 is broken and you need advice on fixing it, troubleshoot some questions, watch a few videos to help you pin point the problem, then please visit the website below!

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